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Officers & Founders
Vexed is always looking for mature, friendly, and guild oriented individuals of any class. Feel free to contact any of the officers/founder in game if you are interested in finding out more.

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Welcome to
a RIFT Guardian Guild Now Adventuring on Keenblade

Our roots here have been set down as a mature, respectful,
guild-focused group of  friends and family currently
focused on helping each other and leveling.

Focusing currently on T1/T2 Dungeoning as well as Raid/Expert/Crafting Rifts.
We are also dabbling with 10 man raid content at this time.

Vexed Headlines

Joint 10 Man Raid Team continues to roll

Nickelle, Aug 15, 11 9:53 AM.
The Joint 10-Man Raid Team of members from Vexed & Discontent continue to push forward in Drowned Halls, with 3 of 4 bossed downed on Sunday August 14th.

Congratulations folks!

Two Bosses Down in Drowned Halls

Nickelle, Aug 8, 11 9:52 AM.
A joint 10-Man team of Vexed & Discontent adventurers took a stab at the new 10-man Drowned Halls raid last night. Initial reports have been that this 10 man is a bit easier step into raid content that Gilded Prophecy. It will most likely become the focus for the 10-man joint team over the next few weeks.

While perfecting a few more ways to die horrible deaths, we did managed to take down the first 2 bosses in our first adventure into the zone... and we are excited about the prospect of continuing our missions there.

Congratulations to all!

Quick Update

Nickelle, Aug 2, 11 12:47 PM.
New Forum: Just a quick update to mention the addition of a general forum for the SotMESC alliance guild members. Please feel free to utilize it for any Raiding/Rifting/Grouping organization and information sharing.

Gilded Prophecy 10 Man: Members of Vexed and Discontent have joined forces to begin testing the waters of this 10 man raid content. Current team makeup is set for the time being. If you require more information please contact Crildon or Nickelle in-game.

Getting Started
Joining the Vexed Website:

There is a "Join" button at the very top of this page when you first arrive. Please click it to create an account with the site. Please use the name of your main character if possible, it's less confusing for us that way! We'll get your request approved as soon as possible so that you can post on the forums and such.

Once approved, you'll be able to login, and next to your name at the top of the page will be a link called "Profile". Please follow that link and set up your characters, crafting, and general settings. Make sure you adjust your "Time Zone" to the right one.  If you have administration rights to create guild events (Officers/Founders) remember to post those to the site in Server Time (PST). That way it should keep everything straight.
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